Self Catering Child Friendly Accommodation

Self catering child friendly accommodation is essential if you plan on taking your kids on holiday. Some resorts and bed and breakfasts do not accept children, as they can disturb other guests, or because they don’t have adequate facilities for them. If you are trying to think of things to do for the holidays that can include the whole family then start investigating in advance. Choose your area and get online to search for cottages and guest houses and camping sites that have facilities and perhaps even activities for children. That way you can rest easy knowing that your entire family is welcome, and will have a great time. When you choose the self-catering option you can also save yourself some money by not eating out all of the time.

Most places in SA have great self catering child friendly accommodation available. It saves you some cash, and it means that you don’t have to go out every day in search of something to keep the kids amused. Resorts are often great places to look out for because they frequently have swimming pools and children’s activities coordinators who are happy to play for the duration of the holidays. Cottages by the sea are another great option because with the beach at your doorstep there is very little else you have to decide to do. Guest houses are probably least likely to be children friendly because they often cater for older guests who are not interested in the noises of family life.

The absolute best option for children is camping. This activity holds magic in it that will keep them entertained for hours setting up the tent and having a look at the activities that they have on site. In the Western Cape alone there are hundreds of opportunities to do this at affordable prices. If you’d like to keep your kids occupied for the holidays then have a look out for self catering child friend accommodation.